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Tips for Attendees

Written By: library
  • Bring lots of business cards and share them freely.  Special tip: don’t print glossy business cards, or at least not glossy on both sides (you can’t write on them if you need to). If you don’t have any business cards, get some. VistaPrint does good work, and I’ve heard quite a few recommendations for Moo over the past couple months. Include all the information that will make it easy for people to get in touch with you: Name, Specialties, E-mail, URL, Address, Phone, and Twitter handle.
  • Have your “elevator pitch” ready.  This is a 30-second description of your book and why someone would want to read it.
  • Bring a notebook or laptop so you can take notes.
  • Bring chargers. If you are bringing along any electronics, bring your charger as well. Your phone, laptop, etc., may run low on power before the day is over if you’re using it a lot. Be prepared and keep the power level above half throughout the day.
  • Attend the book signings after the sessions are complete. You’ll see a lot of authors wander in and out there. In the early years I was too intimidated to speak to them, but it was really cool just to author watch. It still is.
  • Buy the books you want with abandon. I still look at my bookshelves and see the books that I bought at conferences, and they always make me smile. They’re all signed, and they bring back great memories.
  • Take a moment to thank a speaker you enjoyed. It’s a very nice thing to do, and it may kindle a lasting relationship.
  • Strike up conversations with other writers. Many are as shy and uncertain as you are. You have at least one thing in common: you both write. A writer’s conference is an easy place to be chatty with other people.
  • Think of conversation starters in advance and then strike up conversations with other writers. If you’re like me (and many writers), you’re probably a bit introverted. Figuring out what to say to people on the spot can sometimes be very difficult. To alleviate the anxiety of coming up with something clever to say, think of a few key questions to ask strangers ahead of the event. Questions like: “How do you think the conference is going so far?” “What are you trying to get out of this conference?” “Who’s been your favorite speaker?” Just come up with three or four basic questions and use them to get a conversation rolling–and be sure to ask for a business card (and offer yours).
  • Know how to talk about yourself. Before the event, think of how to explain yourself as a writer and your current projects in one sentence answers. Keep it brief in your initial explanation and go more in depth if the person asks more questions.
  • Don’t bring printed copies of your work (unless someone specifically requests you to). There’s no way to shove a manuscript at somebody that isn’t a faux pas.
  • Have a list of your most important questions written down and ready to go if you do any kind of one-on-one session. Write down the answers.
  • Be cognizant of other attendees. Try to ask questions that apply to other attendees – not only your specific book. Don’t monopolize the question time at the end of a session – let others have a chance, too.
  • Don’t talk to others while presenters are talking. (You can text, though.)
  • During presentations, make sure your phone is on silent (that goes for texts, too).
  • Read all of the speaker bios. If you take the time to read the faculty’s bios, you’ll be able to talk to them about their latest amazing book or ask them pertinent questions while you’re in the same room. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re physcially present in the same space as someone else. Doing your homework makes for successful networking and makes you look smart.
  • Bring cash (and coins). The cash will help at the conference bookstore or for any unexpected opportunities to pay in cash only. Coins are advised for snack and soda machines.
  • Stay hydrated. You’ll likely be excited and nervous at the writers conference, so you’ll perspire a bit. Dehydration leads to headaches or worse–so drink! I always pack a bottle of water with me.
  • Bring a bag that has room for books, conference materials, and other items but is not a pain to carry around.
  • Pack a small snack. The writers conference offers a lunch, but you may start to run low on energy before lunch–or before the end of the day. Include a snack in your bag just in case.
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